The Challenge:

It seemed improbable to compete directly with a Chinese-based industry representing 98% of the global market. It seemed impossible to manufacture engineered bamboo materials in the US where no viable feedstocks had yet been commercially established. It seemed impractical to begin building an entirely new bamboo economy in the US under such circumstances. It was exhilarating to overcome such challenges and solve the puzzle.

The Belief:

We began with a belief that an American bamboo economy should be possible since the US is the #1 importer of all bamboo products representing roughly 36% of global consumption annually. We believe it is well established that many species of commercially-viable bamboo grow well in the Southeastern US. We believe that US job-loss and the underemployment of numerous skilled US workers create an instant unity between a new agriculture and manufacturing industry, and the community. We believe that bamboo is the #1 most rapidly-renewable and sustainable bio-fiber in the world. We believe bamboo carries numerous additional advantages such as not requiring replanting, all the while preserving and creating new topsoils. Bamboo also enhances nutrients in the topsoils. We believe commercial bamboo crops not requiring endless agro-chemicals resulting in unwanted toxic runoffs is highly noteworthy. We also believe in American ingenuity.

The Solution:

Bamboo is a giant “grass.” “GRASSBuilt™” stands not only for bamboo being a giant grass, but also for “Green Renewable Affordable Sustainable Systems.” GRASSBuilt™ is the result of multiple disciplines collaborating together and solving a macro-puzzle. GRASSBuilt™ has engineered proprietary manufacturing systems which can produce commercial-grade, structurally engineered, bamboo billets up to 60′ x 4′ x 9 1/2″ complimenting the latest advancements in tall-wood construction techniques. the bamboo engineered material made by GRASSBuilt™  carries performance values beyond any engineered building materials ever produced from organic feedstocks — taking advantage of the extreme well-known tensile strength found within bamboo fibers. GRASSBuilt™ is the result of American Ingenuity. GRASSBuilt™: “This Changes Everything.”

Let’s rethink how we create and design the world around us. It’s time to support the New American Bamboo Economic Revolution: NABER. Every time you purchase GRASSBuilt™ materials you support a new American industry assuring high-quality and American standards. This is the beginning of an American legacy we will proudly pass down for generations to come.

GRASSBuilt™: “This changes everything.”

What Now?

The GRASSBuilt™ facility based in Meridian, Mississippi, is designed to deliver the first structural bamboo materials ever to be produced in US history — at dimensions of up to 21′ long. The full scalability of this facility will be realized within 2019.
The initial capacity of our Meridian facility produces materials designed to meet the needs of cabinetry, panelling, extreme sports equipment, furniture, interior design, exterior design, marine applications, and anything else a designer might take interest in developing. Additionally, GRASSBuilt™ is proud to offer the 1st 100% Made In the USA bamboo flooring under the “GRASSBuilt™” brand.

What’s Next?

On scale, GRASSBuilt™ allows for tremendous dimensions and performance while achieving pricing highly competitive with existing engineered, structural building materials in the marketplace today. GRASSBuilt™ sees numerous facilities worldwide, creating jobs, offsetting foreign imports, answering regional building materials needs — all the while taking pressure off of unwanted & irresponsible deforestation. This would prove especially noteworthy within equatorial regions where there exists not only the highest concentrations of human population, but also, the highest concentration of indigenous bamboo feedstocks NOT being commercially leveraged and largely going to waste.
GRASSBuilt™ is not limited to bamboo feedstocks alone. GRASSBuilt™ has already processed various diverse species — from North American hardwoods and softwoods, all the way to exotic species — with impressive results.

GRASSBuilt™: “This Changes Everything.”

About Bamboo

Bamboo is a remarkably versatile and rapidly-renewable bio-fiber with numerous ecological and commercial benefits.

Bamboo absorbs more CO2 and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees. Sequestering any carbon in long-term building materials represents a carbon-credit “gold standard”.

GRASSBuilt™ is making bamboo. . .

Why “Made in America” Actually Means Something…

The totality of U.S. labor and manufacturing exported and outsourced now exceeds hundreds of billions of dollars in the U.S. economy ANNUALLY! Nobody can argue that such losses are threatening our very way of life.

This is paramount for the present and future of our great nation.

What creating a “net-new” American economy really means.

Unfortunately, the “Made in America,” label has been watered down so much that it has lost much of its meaning. It can mean that a product was only assembled here, even though most of its parts were manufactured on foreign soil. It can mean that the product was made on an American territory, purposefully exploiting fewer labor laws.

GRASSBuilt and it’s various associated industries are a 100% product of the Americas — giving jobs to farmers, agricultural supply workers, manufacturers, researchers and laborers both in Mexico and the USA. We support our local communities with net-new taxes and net-new jobs because we want Made in America to mean something again. We bet you do too.

A Brief History of the Global Bamboo Industry

Bamboo is a remarkable natural resource. 98% of the world’s bamboo products come from China, and business is booming. In taking advantage of global demand, Chinese farmers may be over-leveraging some of their bamboo feedstocks.

More to come on this fascinating subject…

Bamboo billets and customized raw materials available now.

Bamboo billets and customized raw materials in any dimension under 18-inches wide, 4-feet long, and 5-inches thick, available now.

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