Stair Treads

Form meets function with GRASSBuilt’s fully customizable stair treads — both standard and floating, risers, and landing platforms. Whether new construction or a remodeling project, we understand that each project’s requirements and vision are different. Beyond the amazing and unique aesthetic created by our process and raw materials, the special physical properties of GRASSBuilt, with extraordinary stiffness and hardness, make the stair tread application a superior fit. GRASSBuilt takes pride in our ability to customize size, color and style to create a beautiful long lasting design fashioned just for you.

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When considering quality, customization, lead-times, sustainable building practices, and pricing, GRASSBuilt offers a highly competitive option increasingly less common in the marketplace today.

All this from a 100% “Made in USA” owned and operated manufacturing company where misleading labeling, and warranty enforcement need not be a concern. Contact us directly to discuss your vision today!

Why GRASSBuilt™ Stair Treads?

• Customized colors

• Customized dimensions

• Quick lead time

• Made in the USA

• Extremely high physical properties

• Exceptionally low VOC emissions

• NAF Available (Must Specify)

• Fire resistant (Must Specify)

• Highly moisture resistant and dimensionally stable

• Unique aesthetic due to our patented process


The adhesive technology in GRASSBuilt significantly falls below the 0.05 ppm exempt level under the Federal and California EPA regulations for formaldehyde emissions. GRASSBuilt tested as low as 0.02 ppm, nearly the same as widely recognized testing chamber background level at 0.01 ppm. A no added formaldehyde (NAF) system is also available upon specification.


GRASSBuilt has achieved a Class A fire rating under the ASTM E-84 protocol. Specific to stair tread, GRASSBuilt has achieved a Class 1 rating tested to the ASTM E-648 method. If you need heightened safety and/or are required to have fire resistant products in your project, be sure to specify GRASSBuilt FR™. At GRASSBuilt, we take our commitments to the environment and health and safety very seriously. This is the reason we have pushed the envelope to develop these first-ever performance breakthroughs.


The extreme durability and strength of GRASSBuilt stair treads provide a 30-year guarantee with proper installation and maintenance. Because GRASSBuilt is produced in the USA compared to imports, we confidently stand behind this amazing product with American pride!

Risers also available

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